Is Ceramic Tile Right for You?

Date Posted : August 15, 2016

Here are three reasons why ceramic might be right for you.

Here are three reasons why ceramic might be right for you.

First, tiles are water resistant, so they are perfect for areas exposed to large amounts of moisture. This is probably why they were initially used in bathrooms and kitchens. Yes, I hear your objection that your living room would be less than cozy with tile floors. That may very well be true, however, you can also add beautiful rugs or floor runners in certain areas for added comfort.

Second, ceramic tile flooring is resistant to extreme changes in temperature, making it very durable in most environments. Plus, the cool feeling of tile can help your house feel cooler in the summer. And if you use a dark colored tile in a cooler climate, it can hold in the warmth of the sun in the winter months.

Third and last, ceramic tile is easy to clean, usually requiring little more than a good sweeping and a damp mop. This will most likely mean that you will spend less time cleaning, and more time doing the things you like to do.

Keep in mind that installation rates vary. Size of tile, installation pattern and whether it is being installed on a floor or a wall are all factors in installation cost.