Laminate Flooring

Custom Flooring Contractor

Laminates are the newest, most innovative flooring material on the market today. Construction wise, they are a beefed up version of kitchen countertops. Pattern wise, they can resemble any surface the manufacturer decides to apply. Most often that is wood and tile. Used for decades in Europe, and since 1994 in North America (introduced by Pergo, Sweden), laminates have grown tremendously in popularity because:

  • They are practical and durable in that they have better wear and stain resistance than wood and vinyl
  • They can be installed as a floating floor over most existing floors. You will avoid costly, tedious subfloor preparation / removal of existing flooring (except carpeting)
  • Laminates are suited for every room of the home -even the bath (most manufacturers)- and radiant heated floors
  • No floor comes closer to being "maintenance-free". Ordinary vacuuming or sweeping is usually all it takes
  • Laminates today come in a range of pattern options, from wood to tile and stone
  • Warranties that few other flooring materials can match