Cork Flooring - 100 Series Xtreme WRT

August 15, 2016

The strongest varnish that we have ever produced is finally available in the marketplace. The new high wear resistance varnish Xtreme WRT is considered to be the most revolutionary innovation in the flooring market. Fortunately scratches, scuff marks, scoring and rough spots will never again occur on valuable cork flooring.

Efficiency and quality must not always be conditioned by aspects such as look and comfort. When compared with Xtreme WRT, all other common marketplace products are regarded as standard.
Xtreme WRT also meets all the optical and sensory requirements of a modern, natural and easy to care floor. In spite of its hard and resistant features Xtreme WRT gives the floor soft and natural qualities and not the usual slippery and cold aspect provided by regular varnishes.

After intense research in our laboratories, the development of WICANDERS's unique flooring has reached its crowning moment thus far with this excitingly original product, now available on the world market. Xtreme WRT varnish is the logical and consequent development of a flooring solution that meets in all aspects the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Xtreme WRT represents the strongest protection of the natural features of cork flooring.

The abrasion and scratch-proof varnish for wood and cork flooring that resists even the most extreme impact is finally available. It better protects your floor than any other varnish on the market.

Xtreme WRT, which is based on a ceramic compound, is environment-friendly. Microscopic analysis reveals the microstructure of tiny ceramic micro beads, which protect the floor for a long period of time against abrasion and scratches.

Ceramic is, after natural diamonds, the hardest known substance in the world. For example, the US space shuttle is equipped with a ceramic shield to protect when re-entering the earth's atmosphere.

In addition to the special hardness and everlasting resistance of Xtreme WRT, all easy to care requirements are fully met. The surface feels warm and natural and not slippery and cold as you may be accustomed to with ordinary varnishes. Experience the new dimension of varnish for flooring and we shall give you a 15 year warranty.

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